In Vietnamese culture, there are many famous legends about dragons. Here are some popular dragon legends in Vietnam:

The Legend of Lac Long Quan and Au Co:

This legend tells the story of two dragon souls, Lac Long Quan and Au Co. They are the parents of 100 human descendants and are considered the ancestors of the Vietnamese people.

The Legend of the Heavenly Dragon:

This legend is about the Heavenly Dragon, regarded as the guardian spirit of the land of Vietnam. The Heavenly Dragon has the duty to protect and bring good luck to the people.

The Legend of Thanh Giong:

This legend is about a young man named Thanh Giong, who is believed to be the previous incarnation of a dragon. Thanh Giong becomes a hero and fights against invading forces with the help of the dragon’s power.

The Legend of Ha Long Dragon:

This legend is related to Ha Long Bay, a famous World Heritage Site in Vietnam. The legend says that the dragon helped build and protect this land by transforming it into rock islands.

These legends have become an integral part of Vietnamese culture and mindset, reflecting the respect and love for dragons as an important symbol of the nation.